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10-10-2007 Correction results
The results have been corrected after input from TNO. One of their female competitors on the 10K was registered as male. The TNO team now finishes on place 5 instead of 8.

09-10-2007 Photo's online
About 7500 (!) photo's taken during the cross in the Amsterdamse Bos are no longer available.

08-10-2007 Results online
The results of the cross are now available in pdf and xls. The team classification was won by AVIO. Congratulations!

07-10-2007 Mission completed...
The Ariane Cross 2007 mission is completed. The cross was a great success, despite the delays in start and the accident during the 5 km. The perfect sunny weather has certainly contributed to this success, just as all volunteers did. Finally the great party at Claus kept the feet swinging till late at night!

04-10-2007 Last minute info
Download the latest information about the race track,main addresses, telephone numbers and details about the time registration.

04-10-2007 Weekend weather for Amsterdam
Check here for the latest forecast.

04-10-2007 Route maps
Especially for the athletes who are travelling by own transport we published the route maps to the main cross locations.

30-9-2007 Update list of participants
Several last minute changes have been processed. This version is used as final input for the excursions. [xls]
Please check your registration and provide corrections ASAP.

23-9-2007 Update list of participants
The list now contains 577 participants, including new teams from APP and CEGELEC. Also sheets with relay teams have been included. [xls]

17-9-2007 Update list of participants
There are 566 participants. All updates should have been made. [xls]

8-9-2007 Update list of participants
There are 533 entries, including a new team from Dutch Space and several updates. [xls]

5-9-2007 Download Promo poster

3-9-2007 Update list of participants
The list now contains 476 entries, including new teams from CNES (from hotel list) and Eumetsat. [xls]
Please note that the official deadline for registration has passed. We urge team-captains to provide the (final) registrations as soon as possible!

2-9-2007 Update list of participants
It now contains 429 entries, including new teams from EADS ASTRIUM Aquitaine, ESA/ESOC, Thales Alenia Space - Belgium, AOES, ESA-ESTEC, DNW and NLR. [xls]

30-8-2007 Excursion and party details
New pages have been added with information about the excursions and the party in Claus Event Center.

30-8-2007 Update list of participants
It now contains 266 entries, including teams from ARIANESPACE (from hotel list), Volvo Aero (updated), industria and DLR (new). [xls]

28-8-2007 Update list of participants
It now contains 233 entries, including teams from CLEMESSY (updated), ONERA and SOPEMEA (new). [xls]

27-8-2007 Update list of participants
The preliminary list of participants is updated. It now contains 184 entries. The MT-Aerospace team has been added. For SABCA and VOLVO the names from hotel reservations have been used. [xls]

25-8-2007 Race courses
A map with the selected race courses has been added.

18-8-2007 Preliminary list of participants
A preliminary list of participants is available. It now contains 125 entries with teams from CLEMESSY, CRYOSPACE, EADS Astrium Germany, EADS Les Mureaux, SNECMA, TNO and VIBRO-METER. [xls]

18-8-2007 News page added
This news page has been added to the website. It provides you an overview of the latest changes on this website and other new information for the Ariane Cross 2007.